I've had my Wii for about four months now and it is fantastic.  The wiimote is fun and easy to use and I've had a lot of fun with Wii Sports; even building my Mii and answering the questiosn in the Everybody Votes Channel is fun.  The Wii is a great machine.  But it ain't perfect.

Here's my quick list of things I want for my Wii.

  • Region Free DVD Channel
  • Access to Virtual Console Games in any language
  • Indepentent Wii Channels available for video and or third party games
  • Wii Sports Online
  • Headset / Microphone support
  • Podcatcher Channel
  • Starfox 64 on the Virtual Console
  • Music Channel (Either from USB Drives or SD Cards)

These things, and more, I'm sure, that I haven't thought of, would turn my machine from a fun on the weekends game station into a far more useful home entertainment system.

Here's hoping.

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4 responses to “Wii-shlist

  1. The thing about the DVD is that there needs to be Hardware in the Wii to read a DVD, and Nintendo opted out of that to keep the price down. Besides, pratically everyone has a DVD player now, do you really need it in the Wii?

  2. Hi Dinthedancer, thanks for the comment. It's not so much that I need another DVD player as that if the Wii were DVD enabled, it's one more machine I could unplug from under the t.v.; one more set of wires that could be disentangled from the spaghetti living behind my t.v. stand.I hadn't realized that there was hardware missing for DVD playback. I thought I had read somewhere that a DVD playback channel was one of the future features? Oh well.

  3. It was in the original plans to make the Wii able to play DVD movies, but as mentioned before, Nintendo opted out to keep the price down. And the fact that everyone has a DVD player now, is it really needed? The only thing I don't like about having a DVD player in a videogame system, is that if you use it frequently, you'll end up burning out the system sooner. This is probably why many PS2s have died. =(

  4. Starfox 64 is now available on the VC!

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