Flash Post 10

A Christmas Eve post:

We had dinner at Mom-in-law’s tonight.  We bought a whole roasted chicken that I managed to carve, without inflicting damage on anything save the bird.  MIL made mashed potatoes and M made gravy, so that was good.

Presents were exchanged.  I gave MIL a DVD player and the Japanese version of “Shall We Dance” and M gave her a new 5 Year Diary; I gave M Eigozuke (Steeped in English!), an English training game for the DS and she gave me “Red Steel”, a yakuza fighting game for the Wii.  M and I managed to surprise each other with some small, for the sake of coolness gifts.  I scavanged the used toy stores and managed to get her a “Fone Bone” figure from the Bone comic book series and she gave me a light up bath duck.

Yes, at 31 years old, I finally have my own, glowing, rubber duckie.  Life is good.  Some small amount of Christmas Joy has been returned.

Off to watch DVDs now.


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  1. Muleness

    So… Are you around over New Year’s?

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