Super Action Figure

My Action Figure

Way back in the day, Groove Neuter and I used to sit around and joke about the action figures we could make out of the people in our lives.  There was the two of us, obviously, and our nemises (nemisi?), the Engineer, the Home-Wrecker, the Oddball, the Con-Artist, and the gods only know what all I have forgotten.

We furthered the idea by coming up with a playset for the radio station we worked at, as well as accessory sets for my truck and his car, complete with removable stereos and coolers.

Even these days, in the privacy of my head, I still think about the action figures I would make from my life – the Samoan Lawyer and Groove Neuter himself come to ming – and now, I can.

The Vicale Corporation has set up an online shop where you can design and order your own action figure.  The designs are somewhat limited at the moment, but, still, you can order your own action figure!  Of yourself!

I love technology.


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