Wii Sports

All the rumors are true.  This game, on this system, rocks.

M and I are both finding that Wii Sports is a fantastic game for us to play together.  It brings out a lot of the competitiveness that could show up in negative ways otherwise.  After all, being able to box each other without doing any physical damage or sending me to jail is a good thing, right?

We took it out of the box last night and started off by playing tennis.  We both liked how the controler requires one to swing it like a racket as opposed to pressing a button and moving around the court requires you to hop about your living room like a sugar addicted monkey.  We also liked that we could get the feeling of playing tennis at 10:00 on a rainy Tuesday night without actually going anywhere.  (Although I can see feeling a little riduculous if we happend to be playing tennis on the Nintendo on, say, a bright, sunny, Saturday morning.)

We tried out the rest of the games – bowling, baseball, and, golf – and really liked that we had to move about and mimic the forms of the real sports in order to be good at the game, but the shiner (pardon the pun) came when we got into the boxing.

One of the highlights of the Wii system is the ability to create an avatar that has more than a passing resemblance to oneself, and the Wii Sports title is structured to let you import your avatar into the game.  So, in each of the games, you can see yourself, as well as your partners, actually in the game.  Including the boxing game.

What makes the game all the more exciting for me is how the game reflects real skills.  The game does not allow one player to hit harder than another, although it does permit faster punching, but it does show stances and guards that the players, in their living room, settle into.  For example, when I settle into a boxing stance and drop my guard, my wife is able to clobber me.  But, when I settle into a boxing stance and remember to keep my guard up, she can’t touch me.

This system and this game have been one of the better electronic gizmos I’ve managed to buy, and you all know that I’ve bought my share.

Hey, at this point, I’m thinking that we will never, ever, need couples therapy.  And that’s a good thing.  At least until she wins.


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