Street Photos

JPG has put out the first theme for their next issue – Street.  The editors have put in a clause mentioning that this is meant to be examples of Street Photography, not photos of streets; Street Photography is candid, natural photography, usually done with a minimum of set-up or apparatus.  The goal is to capture people as they go about their lives, doing the things that make them interesting.

Getting published in JPG is one of my goals as it is a different kind of magazine.  For one thing, for me, personally, it represents the more artistic side of camera-work, as opposed to journalism or advertising work and I would like to see some of my work in that category.  For another, it is socially based.  Photos are voted on and chosen by editors based on recommendations from readers and photographers who submit to the magazine.

All of which is a long lead-in to my getting up this morning and getting out into the rain with my camera to take pictures of people being people on a cold, wet Saturday morning.  Nothing fantastic yet, but it felt good to be out and working at crossing a goal off the list.  Managed to squeeze in time for some good curry and nan at lunchtime with a friend, so, even better.

I have a few more weeks yet, so I’m going to keep working the theme.  They’ll all be up on Flickr and JPG eventually and I’ll choose one to submit.  I’ll make sure to post something here for anyone who is interested.


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