To say that I have a green thumb would be an excellent example of either irony, or outright lying.  M isn’t much better.

However, we decided a couple of months ago that we really needed some greenery in our home.  We were just tired of plain brown and off-white, the colors of any new apartment, and wanted something to help give the place some life.

So I bought a small tree for us.

The local shopping center had a special in their garden section for aquatic plants that were meant to be placed in small balls of pre-packed undergrowth for several months, possibly years, until they were big enough to be transplanted into a soil-packed pot.  The tree is, two months later, growing well and is currently four inches tall.  It has begun to send roots all through the undergrowth and, if it continues as it has, should be ready for transplanting this summer.  We’re quite pleased.

A month or so ago, we bought a three pack of cacti at the Ikea in Chiba.

Two of them are doing very well.  One, unfortunately, seems to be a bit too susceptible to the cold and is not doing well at all.  We’re doing our best to keep him in the sun, with minimal water (so as not to freeze the roots at night), but he is still fairing poorly.

But, hey, three out of four isn’t too bad, right?

That’s the debate at the moment.  I would like to get a few larger plants for us, to put in other rooms; something larger than the four miniscule plants we have now.  I would like a bamboo tree or a bonsai tree or something.  M says we should wait and see if we can keep all four alive through the winter before buying more.

She’s probably right, but it would be nice to get a few more green things in the apartment before the grey sets in next month.


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  1. onemanriotsquad

    Geraniums buddy! They just don’t quit!

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