Still no energy after the simultaneous high and low of the test, so I have just been taking a bit of time to work on some of the projects I have lying aroung – projects that take some time anda few resources, but very little brain power.

In this case, I’ve been working on the archives for this site.  There are over 500 posts for the past two years and several photos, drawings, random linkings, and all the other detritus that blogs accumulate in their existence, and I have been trying to get them cleaned up and into book form.

This isn’t a money-making scheme or anything like that, this is just a project to give myself a nicely typed, bound copy of my journals, basically.  This blog has been at least a fragment of my daily life for the past two years and I like to go back and read the posts sometimes, but online archives are actually not the best method for doing that a lot of the time.

Anyway, it’s just one of those things to occupy fingers and brain cells until full functionality is restored.


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