Window Shopping

Spent all day revising my notes.  Test is tomorrow.  Currently feeling like I might actually pass the damn thing.  Feeling will pass, I’m sure.

In the meantime, window shopping for toys on the internet.  Credit card safely tucked away in wife’s purse, under wife’s pillow, under wife’s sleeping head.  Cannot get to credit card without waking wife.  Have tried.  Have failed.  Am now surfing net from metaphorical doghouse.

Keyword searches for toys:  Hot Wheels.  Mimoco.  Star Wars.  Kubrick.  Lego.  Robotech.  Snoopy.  One of a kind.  Custom.  Unusual.  Odd.  Weird.  Made in Japan.

Chuckling over snide comments in head to the effect that the last four are all synonyms.

Having no luck.  Will log off computer and beat head into wall until sleep becomes an achievable goal.

Test tomorrow.  Argh.


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