Time to Start Thinking Ahead Again

Here’s a list of places and/or organizations to whom I am considering giving money to in the next twelve months:

  • CBLDF – The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is one of those organizations near and dear to my overfed and often overwhelmed geek heart.  Their sole purpose is to defend comic book creators, publishers, sellers, buyers, and readers from lawsuits and litigation based on first amendment principles.
  • EFF – The Electronic Frontier Foundation is another group, like the CBLDF, that defends people in first amendment court cases.  However, they focus on a broader group and make a lot of policy-making cases as they encounter new technologies in their cases.
  • Words Without Borders – Supporting free and open communication and protection of journalists through the world, while simultaneously trying to expand the scope of public debate in first world countries by bringing in new and possibly unheard or ignored voices from the rest of the world.
  • Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month is a challenge, contest, community to which I happily belong.  Every year, the organization challenges people to write a novel in one month, thereby encouraging creativity and freedom of expression.

There may be more as the month progresses and I start figuring out what I want to focus on in the next year or so, but, for the moment, I’m leaning towards the above organizations, all of which support freedom of speech, as a platform from which to base my personal politics, and thus, my actions in life.


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