Storage Problems

I find that the programs I use the most these days are either specialized word processors, like Copywrite, or, more usually, collection management software like iTunes or Comic Book Lover.

The trouble is, my collections are housed on an external harddrive that I do not carry with me.  My laptop, much as I love it, has only a 40 GB harddrive, which is not enough room for several file collections that measure in the 10 to 15 GB range, and that is not even counting the video files.

If it were only for music and comics that the problem arose, there would be no trouble.  I can wait until I get home for both.  However, I currently teach several different kinds of English course, focusing on presentations and speechmaking, marketing and business, and even one on debating.  I have a whole range of example videos, slides, audio clips, etc. that I like to have on hand for examles when students ask questions.  And, as I do not know what those questions will be in advance, I like to have everything available.  Carrying an extra hard drive around though, is both unwieldy and a bit time consuming to get set up and ready to use, as are DVDs or CDs.

So, at the moment, and in lieu of a better solution, I’m thinking about buying a whole host of 1 gig or smaller USB flash drives and labeling them after transfering a single set of data to them.

But I do not know how effective they will be at solving the problem.


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