I hadn’t really intended to take a break from blogging, it just sort of happened.  Rather than trying to play catch-up for the past weeks worth of (non) posts, I’m just going to roll my notes over into this weeks worth of posts.  I hope.

Things are going ok, but the number of times I have sat down to write this week and actually produced something can be counted on one finger.  I had to give up on Nanowrimo at the 25,000 word mark in order to put more concentration on studying for the test next week.  The good news is that I think I might actually pass, the bad news is that I have had no energy for anything else.

Anyway, while I’m still studying, I’m in the final review stage – no new information, just reviewing previously learned info – and this is taking some of the pressure off.  Also, the desire to write is still there, but deciding to give up on the 50,000 words in one month has freed me up to think about some other things that need writing.

This novel is going to be started over, losing some elements and gathering others from various other projects.  I plan to start working on it, 500 words at a time, as soon as the test is over.

That is all.


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