Things I remember fondly from high school:

  • driving around with my friends, listening to rap music and speaking gangsta even though we were hopelessly white
  • the girl in my freshman history class that would kiss me at lunch if I gave her the answers during tests
  • being on the chess team because it was so damned punk
  • knowing that the Jesus and Mary Chain recorded “Head On” before the Pixies made me cooler than the cool punk kids
  • moshing
  • driving an old, beat-up pickup truck that I could bitch about
  • being a DJ at the college radio station and having the freedom to follow the Rolling Stones “Angie” with the Vandals “Anarchy Burger”
  • the Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • frantically cleaning my truck after a gallon bottle of jungle juice made from various bottles of whiskey and bourbon after it broke open during a football game
  • booty bouncin’
  • having secret crushes on girls and finding out their secret crushes on me
  • having completely non-secret crushes on girls and that being cool sometimes
  • being the guy that my friends could come to with their problems, knowing that I’d get it and wouldn’t judge too harshly, sometimes
  • playing volleyball on sand courts in the summertime, wincing at how hot the sand got and then not caring because it was game on
  • drinking vodka at lunch from clear, plastic water bottles after the school banned opaque containers in an effort to curb underage drinking
  • staying up all night on the phone
  • going for long walks around the neighborhoods with my best friends trying to figure out the answers and sometimes thinking we might have actually hit on one or two
  • having no anxiety

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One response to “Spinning

  1. chris

    some of those i knew, some i didn’t, but all sound just like you. makes me smile.

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