QotD: Good On A Cold Day

What food or drink do you love when it's cold out?  (Recipes and recommendations, please!)

Irish coffee.

I like mine made with the strongest roast I can get my hands on, vietnamese sweet milk, and a decent whiskey or bourbon like Johnny Walker or Maker's Mark.  (I'm not averse to using scotch although that seems somewhat akin to pouring ketchup all over a twenty dollar top sirloin.)

Pour about two fingers of liquor into a mug and swirl it so that it coats the entire inside, at least momentarily.  Pour the coffee into the liquor in  a slow, steady stream, letting the two liquids mix themselves together.  Finally, put a good portion of the sweet milk onto a spoon and slowly stir it into the coffee / liquor mix.  Give it a few minutes to cool and then, enjoy.

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