Mood Music

When I was younger I made the argument that music could not change someone’s mood. Now that I am older and realize that once again, I was wrong. This morning, I was in a fine mood. I had a bit of a lie-in as I did not have to work until this afternoon. After a while, I strapped on the headphones and headed out to the park for a bit of a walk-around.

In sequence, Urge Overkill’s “The Break”, Social Distortion’s “Story of My Life”, and Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died” came on. By the time the three songs were finished, and they are great songs, each and every one, I was walking three times faster than usual; was thinking about missed opportunities, chances, and friends that are gone, and I just wanted to rage on someone.

I got myself the hell out of the park and back home and put on Barenaked Ladies until I was calmed down.


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  1. Jedi J

    Or perhaps it is only that music turns over the rocks to expose a mood that was already there, but concealed underneath? I have found that I have to be receptive to a song for it to be able to influence my mood, and sometimes they just bounce right off of me. Other times though, they hit so hard and so deep that it takes a while to remember my name and to gain the footing to stand back up.

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