A full three weeks after our anniversary, my wife finally got her present!  And, oh yea gods and small fishes, it was worth the wait.

You may remember that a while back, I asked for recommendations of chocalate shops and whatnot that you lot out there in the wide world may know of, and or think highly of.  One rec. that came into my inbox was for L’Artisan du Chocolat, out of London.  The rec. noted that all their chocolate was hand made and made from real cocoa beans, not cocoa butter or pressings.  In addition, after looking through their website and finding all the pertinent info. that I needed, like shipping locations and costs, I decided to order their Tahitian and South Sea Chocolate Pearls.

M was delighted from the very second she opened the shipping box and saw the packaging.  The “pearls” came in a silver box with an inscription and a hand-written card, all wrapped in brown silk, etc. etc.  The pearls themselves were fantastic.  The white pearls were made from white chocolate with milk chocolate inside, while the Tahitian, silver pearls, were dark chocolate with milk chocolate inside.

I was afraid that she was going to be angry because she had gone on a diet between the time I ordered them and the time they arrived, but these chocolates are so good that it is easy to eat only two or three and call it done for the day.  I do not know if it is because they are so rich or if it is just because we did not previously know what good chocolate is, but neither of us wants to eat them quickly; neither of us wants to scarf these like it was some sort of everyday snack.

They’re that good.

The only downside to the whole thing has been the shipping time.  I had ordered them three weeks before our anniversary, which, according to their website, should have been enough time.  Instead, we got the chocolates six weeks after ordering.

But they’re so good.  Seriously, imagine a chocolate that makes you want to eat only a little and makes you want to foreswear any other chocolate.  Yeah.  The only dilemna for me is how soon do I place my order for Christmas?

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  1. chris

    order now. ;0)

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