Decoder Ring Theater’s Black Jack Justice

Just a quick plug today as I have far too many things to do, like prepping for my classes starting again, to be taking up too much time with blog posts.

Right, uh, so…

Decoder Ring Theater’s Black Jack Justice is just a hell of a lot of fun. The actors involved put on a show that could have come straight out of the nineteen-thirties. And that’s not a slam on their production values. It’s meant as a compliment to the strength of their dialogue and sound effects. The stories center on a private eye and his girl sidekick as they solve mysteries each and every episode. The patter is spot-on, along with the his and her point of views that simultaneously compliment and insult each other.

Now, these are not serious stories; they’re pulp, and the campiest kind of pulp, but they’re so much fun. I have been listening through a podcast feed I subscribed to at (click here for the list of things I’m listening to at the moment) and have had a grin on my face through each and every episode.

If you’re a fan of radio dramas, gumshoes, girl detectives, camp, pulp, or any combination thereof, you should definitely check out Decoder Ring Theater.

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