I think my inner child has died.

This morning, I decided to indulge myself and do a little window shopping at one of the toy stores I like. The toy store in question is not like Kay-bees, or even Toys R Us. This toy store is one that stocks the toys for big kids – large scale models of key science fiction characters and vehicles, full DVD collections of cartoons that went off the air twenty years ago, rare, exclusive figures from foreign countries – one of those places.

Inside one of the large display cases that front the store they had a beautiful 1:60 scale figure of one of the fighters from Robotech (one of my favorite childhood cartoons). I have two similar figures; when I got mine they came from a similar store and cost around $40 per toy. I realize that this is a frivolous and useless waste of money, but, hey, it’s my money, right? Anyway, I took a look at the price tag on this new figure: $225.

My immediate thought was “I can’t believe somebody would pay so much for a few pieces of plastic”. Then I realized what I was thinking and had a bit of a shock to realize that practical considerations have overtaken sheer “want that” thoughts in my braincase.

While it can be argued that this is a good thing, all it really makes me think is that I have gotten more mature and responsible. And I really, really resent that.


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