QotD: An Unforgettable Home

What's the most memorable building you've lived in?
Submitted by Shelly.

A while ago, I decided I wanted a real Japanese experience, so I moved from a nice, modern place to a rundown, crumbling apartment built in a traditional style.  No shower, no air-conditioning; there was barely electricity.  I made it about two months before the combined efforts of the cockroaches and my then girlfriend (now wife) forced my hand and I made it back into another civilized apartment.

Still, memorable things include:  tatami in every room; a japanese style bath and toilet; a genkon to protect from foul weather; windows that didn't lock; sliding doors made of paper; no insulation in the walls; the ability to hear everything that my neighbors were doing; having a courtyard; the morning ritual of getting coffee with my neighbors; all of us huddling together under the tarps during a typhoon; hanging out on the balconies to watch the fireworks and to see the cherry trees in bloom; being twenty-seven and only slightly single for the first time in years.

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