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Thursday, we both woke up still too sunburnt to make it on the snorkeling trip we had planned so it was back to the car rental agency for more excursions ’round the island.

We ended up, after touring an aquarium that, while fun, was not too exceptional, except for the three whale sharks in a tank…we ended up at the ruins of Nakijin Castle and had a great time walking around the place.

The various Japanese councils, agencies, and government representatives have done a pretty thorough job of “reclaiming” most of the older castles, sometimes even rebuilding them in historically inaccurate locations. So, to see the ruins of a castle was pretty unusual, especially one in such a beautiful locale. From the top, we could see all the way down the mountain to the coast, all of which used to be the village supporting the castle.

Definately worth a look around if you happen to be in the area.


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