The Hotel

The main reason we chose this hotel was these artificial islands and walkways that pen in the swimming area, and they were pretty nice.  Unfortunately, even though we managed to get to the very ends of the islands, we were still in Japan which meant that there were all kinds of rules designed to protect everyone from themselves (not unlike the States).  For example, even though the sun rose by six and did not set until six-thirty, the hotel would only allow swimming at its little section of ocean from eight-thirty to five-thirty. 

Normally, that would not be a big deal.  However, the rules ensured that people would only be swimming during the hottest parts of the day and thus, there were many, many sunburnt tourists, us among them.

The only other problem we had with the hotel was that there was very little to do after dinner.  We do not know if this was because we were travelling during the off-season, or if we were just expected to fend for ourselves.  By eight p.m. the pool and beach were closed; the bar charged ¥1,000 (approx. $10 US) per drink; there was no in house entertainment (not even a movie channel or pay-per-view), and the nearest outside bars and shops were five kilometers away.

That was the first day. Exploring the hotel and trying not to be too dissapointed as we realized how spoiled we had been by our all-inclusive stay at the Montego Bay Sandals two years ago.  However, we  are nothing if not determined tourists, so we picked up and did a lot of fun things on the remaining days of our vacation.

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