QotD: This Is What’s Up.

What's up?


My wife and I are leaving for a short anniversary getaway tomorrow morning and we're both spending the better part of a lazy afternoon packing and re-packing, as neither of us knows what we should take.

If this were a business trip packing would be easy:  suit, laptop, toiletries, shoes.  Pretty much in that order too.  Even if this were a dedicated adventure trip, like SCUBA diving or cycling or a photo-safari, packing becomes easy as only the most essential gear to enable the activity makes it into the bag.  But we're going to go to the beach and relax.

So what does that mean?  What do I take?  Notebook?  Sure, although I don't think I'll have much time for writing.  Laptop?  Yeah, we might want to check our e-mail or find local places to eat.  Camera?  Well, yeah, of course, but which ones?  The digital SLR, the digital point-n-shoot, the film SLR?  Ok, so how many lenses, filters and flash units?  Now that cameras have been sorted out, how about sketchbooks and pencils?  How many paperbacks?  How about some music and a game machine?  And, of course, that's just me. 

When the hell did relaxing become so hard?

I fully admit to having more hobbies than I know what to do with; it's the curse of an active imagination.  I just never realized how much gear they all involved.

Back to basics time then.  Location:  beachside resort.  Duration: four days.  Activities:  Ah, now the tricky one.  If there is no typhoon, snorkeling, snooba diving, walking on the beach, swimming, kayaking, sailing, dinner cruises, etc.  If there is a typhoon, well, then we go to the hotel bar, I guess.

Ok, then, here's the plan: Nintendo and iPod for the plane, beachwear and snorkel for the optimistic, James Michener's Alaska and a notebook for the pessimistic.  That's it.  That's all.

I'm packed.  Back in a week.

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