Keeping Secrets

Hmm. I’m feeling like this blog is losing its…potency? Focus? I’m not sure what word I mean. The main problem is, and I mean absolutely no offense by this, but this blog is no longer anonymous. It was never absolutely, 100%, anonymous to begin with, but, recently, it has become even less so.

Frankly, a lot of the stuff that I really want to say is not really fit for mass public consumption. And I have other outlets.

So, now I am wondering where to take this particular blog. I don’t feel that I really want a public diary anymore, at least, not this one, but I really enjoy writing and like the form of blogs. For example, even though my painting blog does not get updated very often, I like that it’s there and that it is dedicated to a single pursuit.

Right. Uh, consider this post the equivalent of thinking out loud, by the way.

Here are the current options for this blog, as I see it, right now, at my keyboard, right this second, thinking:

1. Keep this blog the way it is, but lose the daily updates. For example, with the recent loss of my friend, I really liked having a public forum from which to speak. However, because, this year, I have been trying to get a post up everyday, I feel like a lot of them are not worth very much; most of the posts are kinda, if not very, boring.

2. Turn this blog into a pure fiction blog, somewhere where I can practice writing stories and post works-in-progress.

3. Set a monthly or weekly post date and put up a thoughtful, well-written (meaning that there were drafts, not just a stream of conciousness), essay or article about…

3A. Japan and living here. This topic could include travel, food, etc.

3B. Weight loss and exercise and struggles with.

3C. Movies or Books (I have an idea there, but I’m not quite ready to share yet.)

3D. Something else that hasn’t occured to me yet.

4. I could let this blog fade out and work on my 8,006 other projects.

If any of you regular, or semi-regular readers have any thoughts or opinions on this, please feel free to comment or to e-mail me. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking.

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One response to “Keeping Secrets

  1. infomanblog

    Joel I enjoy reading your blog and am just procrastinating in the midst of some big projects I am working on at University. I have been investigating the issue of Web 2.0 and the ‘architecture of participation’.

    I like hearing about Japan, movies, books and the mundane business of living. Occasionally I check out your photos and I support yours (and anyone elses) urge to be creative.

    I also discover cool geekery from you site, but have been managing to find some of it on my own lately.

    I have started a more professional blog to discuss my thinking on information management but I still have my blog just about regular stuff on blogger.

    I was reading today about how to comment on websites and thought you might benefit from a quote from their

    ‘Blogging, if you truly inhale its essence, will give you a calling, renewal, and purpose, as you’ve never seen before.’
    posted on

    It has got me all inspired to comment on your blog. Once I get through my ‘assignment crunch’ period I hope to organise my digital life a little more.

    Enjoy your upcoming holidays
    your old mate Bruce

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