QotD: Words To Live By

What's your motto?

I don't know that I have one, truthfully.  I have never really found a single concise, pithy phrase that I could use to sum up everything that I believe and try to act upon.  There are, of course, numerous phrases, lyrics and quotations that I like to spout at various opportunities.  Sometimes they even come across as being apropos.  Occasionally they are clever.

But.  A motto?

An old man I very much admire and respect and who used to teach me a lot about life and how to live it, used to say that his motto was "cum granis salis", the latin for "with a grain of salt".  He meant, by this, that life is full of stories, half-truths, observations, myths, legends, rumours, and hearsay and that we should always enjoy the telling or hearing of a story without ever taking from it more than was put into it.

On the other hand, he also used to claim, on occasion, that his motto was "fuck it".  He had a sign above his office door with the former and a scap of paper with the latter that he kept in the wrapper of his cigarettes.  And when I was ninetneen, I found both of these phrases to be useful modes of thinking as I crept into adulthood, blindly and timidly.

These days, however, they are both too cynical and maybe even a little too cryptic for me.  And while the former is definately a good piece of advice, I do not think it has much resonance as a philosophy for the whole of life's experiences.

So, again, a motto?

I don't think I have one and I'm pretty sure I don't need one. Not right at the moment anyway.  Perhaps that should be my motto:  A phrase that reflects that I am pretty happy with myself and my life at the moment; that I look forward to many things and that I have people to share them with.  A phrase like "life is good".

Right.  That's it then.  For now, maybe just for right now, my motto is "life is good".

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