We were never close, Rob and I. We got along well enough, but we had vastly different interests and personalities. We had the same extended group of friends and were often at the same parties, basketball games, and volleyball games. We played in the same fantasy football league and we were often on the same team during the annual Thanksgiving day football game that it seemed like half of my high school participated in.

We were never close, but he was at my sister’s wedding and I was glad to see him. It had been a few years since we had hung out, in college, I think, and it was good to catch up; to find out what the other had been up to in the intervening ten years. We both found it pretty amusing that we had, each, seperately, ended up doing some teaching. When we added up the number of other mutual friends who had also ended up teaching, well, it was even more amusing.

We talked about high school and college and ex-girlfriends and everything else and it was really easy, and good, to talk to him.

And now he’s gone.

And I don’t really know what happened. Just rumours of an accident while on vacation; I didn’t even know until a week after the fact and yet, I can’t stop thinking about him. I just keep wondering what happened and why.

As another friend said, Rob was one of the good guys. And I’m sorry to think that he’s not around any more, smiling and laughing at something that we all kind of remembered.



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