QotD: Reflecting on September 11th

What are your personal memories of September 11th?

My roomate yelled at me from the TV room to come and see the news.  We both sat there in shock and watched the towers collapse, each hoping we were mis-translating the number of estimated deaths.  We trudged over to another friend's house at midnight to watch the reports come in.  He had cable and could get CNN in English making it even more heart-breaking when we realized our translations had been correct.

I remember conversations with students, asking how I felt and being unable to answer them.  I remember racing home at lunch on my bicycle to catch another twenty minutes of news before going back to work.  I remember a lot of American co-workers wondering what this meant for them personally and for us, collectively.

I remember the symapthy and empathy laid on me by everyone around me.  I remember running into people in the bookstore a week after and the first question was always "hey, are all your people ok?"

I remember trying to decide if I should come home and if there was anything I could do other than just keep on keeping on.

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