Brain Fried

This morning I woke up early, again, and got straight to work again.  Did the dishes, picked up the debris stewn around the living room, cleaned and repaired M’s bicycle, washed and vacuumed the inside of both our cars, paid some bills, and went grocery shopping. 

But you know what made me tired?  You know what absolutely did my head in and made me feel like I just wanted to crawl in bed and sleep for the next one hundred years?  The frickin’ kanji cards.

M, being so very kind, said she would help me go through my Japanese text and flashcards.  The text was no problem.  I made a few mistakes but nothing tragic.  The cards, on the other hand, damn near killed me.  We went through them until I could do the entire stack without missing one and, at the end, I felt like I had just been through an olympic event.  I wanted a medal.  A big one.  Just for having made it through.

I made flashcards last month of all the vocab I need for my test in December.  Most of the cards are words that I already know and can use in conversation, just that I can’t read very well.  So, I divided the cards into six groups and I am going through one group a week for the next six weeks.  Then, I’ll re-divide the cards into two groups and alternate between them until the test.  Using this method means I should learn them all well enough to read them, but M has decided that I need to know how to write them to and has added a segment to the process.

She shows me the reverse of the card, with the phonetic reading and the meaning and I have to write the word.  Undoubtedly, this means that I will learn the words and kanji much better, but it is incredibly tiring, and, frankly, just pisses me off.

However, I am incredibly fortunate to have a wife who counts this as quality time and looks forward to helping me get better at the language.

But, still, grrr.

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2 responses to “Brain Fried

  1. Good luck with that. What level of the test will you take this time? I want to get back into studying Japanese when I get over there again, but your words are scaring me…

  2. I’m still only on 3kyu, mainly due to my lack of reading skills. Yeah, studying pisses me off.

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