Nothing is quite as shocking as a finished To-Do list.

I woke up early this morning as opposed to my usual Saturday morning lie-in and got to work.  By nine, I had cleaned the apartment – washed the dishes, vacuumed the floors, hung the laundry, etc., and was making breakfast.  A real breakfast.  Skillets were involved and everything.

Finished breakfast and took care of a few errands…ok, they were online errands, mainly involving ordering presents for my wife and books for myself, although there were others.  Some of them even involved getting out of my apartment, but not many.

By the time lunch was finished, I had finished my list of things to do today and had even gotten a fair bit done on tomorrow’s list.  Which left me in a bit of a bind:  for the first time in a very long time, I had absolutely nothing to do.  No pressing errands to run, no lessons to prep, no cleaning I had been putting off.  There was not even a backlog of TV shows I had not watched yet.

So I sat down to read a book.

I picked “Travels with Charley” off the shelf and plowed through the first three chapters in a manner of minutes. 

Then…the rest of the day just dissapeared.  I do not really know where it went.  I think there were some re-runs involved, and maybe a movie, but, really, I was so surprised at having gotten everything done that I just phased out for the rest of the day.

For once, I’m not really worried about it though.  I enjoyed today.

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