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A Den-tist! I Want to be a Den-tis!*

Ye gods and small fishes but I do loathe going to the dentist. And doing it in a foreign country in another language only adds to the irksomeness of it all.

I walked in and went through the preliminaries of making sure they understood that I didn’t have any pain in my teeth, it was just that it had been three years since I had been to any dentist and now that I have decent insurance, wanted to get a check-up.

Once through that, we went through the completely painless procedure of getting X-rays. No more biting on the cardboard depressors, now an ultrasound machine does a full 360 degree scan while you bite down on a specialized mouthpiece.

Of course, that’s the easy part. After that there was the ever-present team (no individual does anything in Japan, a team is required to do everything) who took turns checking, re-checking, scraping, polishing, re-checking, showing me with a hand-mirror, explaining exactly what was wrong, conferring with each other to affirm what was wrong with my teeth, double-checking with me to make sure there wasn’t any pain, etc. etc.

And today was just the bottom teeth.

My appointment to have the top teeth cleaned is in three weeks and my appointments (yes, plural) to have each cavity (there are six) filled, individually, are all in October.

It’s looking like a fun fall already.

*If you didn’t pick up on the title, go watch “Little Shop of Horrors” again.

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QotD: The Best Way To Reach Me

What's your favorite way to keep in touch? Phone, snail mail, email, text message, Vox, _____ ?


About a year ago I moved out to the 'burbs, several kilometers from the area where most of my friends live.  In addition, I changed jobs, so I no longer work with most of my friends.  So, I make it a point to go into town once or twice a week and meet my friends for breakfast and coffee.  I find it helps keep us all grounded.

When that isn't possible, I use blogs e-mail.  When I was younger, I would spend hours on the phone.  These days, I just don't have that much to say that isn't already on one of the blogs and the occasional e-mail is enough to keep my far-away friends informed of any special announcements.  It works in reverse as well – a lot of my friends have blogs and this lets me know what is happening with them without the constant need for inquisitive letters.

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Vox Hunt: Breathtaking

Show us something that takes your breath away.

The season I love most is rapidly approaching and the air is beginning to chill.  The leaves on the trees are putting up a last, gallant, display of color before sucumbing to the inevitable and I often walk to the park to applaud their spectacular fall.  I take some time to move the corpses from their resting place on the table, before sitting and writing, or sketching, or merely looking, watching, waiting while time flows by.

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QotD: Home Sweet Home

What is your browser's default home page set to?
Submitted by Kelev T. Cat.

Depends on the browser.  Flock is set to my Google homepage for easy access to e-mail and blogging and other social interactions, while Firefox is set to Google news and various RSS feeds for easy reading and assesment.  Finally, Safari is set to the Apple.com page for Apple news and info.

I spend too much time online I think.

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