QotD: I Just Made That Up

Remember sniglets?  Do you have any favorites?  Have you ever made up your own word?  (Now's as good a time as any.)

For some reason, I did not even register this word when I read the question.  Hell, I thought it was a kind of candy I had long forgotten.  Having read the Wikipedia entry I feel vaguely nostalgiac for Not Necessarily the News on HBO, which I watched with my parents even though I was too young to understand the jokes.

As for attempting to make one up, here is my attempt.

Slimph (v) – The act of suddenly silencing oneself in the midst of uttering a swearword or curseword when one notices children or others in front of whom it would be impolite to speak profanity.  Ex.  I had to slimph myself earlier today when I noticed Tommy watching me after I had hit my thumb with the hammer.  Related "slimphed" (adj) and "slimphly" (adv).

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