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Continuing Edjamakation

Four of my friends are currently back in school, through various ways and means, and studying various things.  One is studying the very practical field of accounting, another is working on a masters in applied economics, one is studying something with computers and information architecture, and one is studying applied linguistics.  Another friend recently graduated from a graphic design program.

I’m jealous.

Seriously.  I know it is a strange thing to be jealous of, but I enjoyed being a student, especially once I got to university.  I really enjoyed the whole feel of going to class and being part of a group, especially when we were able to accomplish our objectives and I actually felt like I was learning something.

Of course, I was a terrible student, always contradicting the teachers and never doing my homework, but I still enjoyed it.

Now, I still study.  I think that learning or studying something is one of the best ways one can occupy one’s free time and I think that sentiment should be taught more often.  More than that, I think that should be encouraged much more than it is.  This is one of the reasons that I am interested in so much and tend to have approximately 8 billion hobbies at any given time.

So, now when I get e-mails from my friends telling me what they have been doing in their classes and passing on notes about the books they’re reading and the theories and applications they are mastering, well, I miss it.  I miss the whole atmosphere of studying a group of related subjects with the intention of earning a degree or certificate that proclaims mastery of said subject.

And all I am doing is woring on Japanese so that I can get about more easily in my daily life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know and understand how valuable it is to learn a foreign language, especially when one lives in the country where it is spoken, I just wish I was back in some kind of program, working towards something more concrete.

I have thought for a while that I would like to enroll in an online masters course, maybe in linguistics or maybe in librarianship and maybe it is time to start looking.

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