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Well kids, it’s been a while since I told you all about the latest Web 2.0 / Social Internet sites I have been playing with, so here is a quicky post all about one of my current favorites:

Joe’s Goals, located at, funnily enough,, is an online goal tracking system. It has a really nice UI (user interface) and a pretty nice layout. Joe’s Goals allows one to add a weight to each goal, denoting how important it is on the grand scale of things. Once the data is entered, one can manipulate it in a few, limited, ways, like seeing what one’s overall score is for a week or a month or however long you feel like checking.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I am pretty good about updating the blogs on a daily basis. I am not so good at just about everything else. In fact, I am pretty bad at drinking soda and eating sugar everyday.

And this is what I really like about the service. It is easy to see, at a glance, how well one is doing with one’s goals. I can see that I really need to up the workouts and cut back on the sugar and sodas again.

The service is still being improved on a regular basis, based mainly on user feedback and requests. One newer, more social aspect, is the tagging of goals into a tag cloud much like those used by and If I am thinking about adding a goal to my list, I can go to the tag cloud to see what others are striving for. Of course, with this improvement comes the option to keep some goals private.

If you have some projects or goals in your life, Joe’s Goals is a good resource for helping you to make sure that you are actively working toward them.

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  1. Wow more ways to measure what I could be achieving if only I followed my carefully scheduled plans.

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