The End of the World, Again

Well, if there is one thing you can always trust the media to do, it is ruin my good mood.  I have been pretty happy lately, even feeling optimistic, which, in retrospect I can admit was extremely foolish.  However, the fact remains, I have been in a good mood.

Then, this morning, while catching up on the news, two pieces whammied me.  The first was on and is titled “A.C./D.C. – The Deluded World of Air Conditioning” by William Saletan, and the second was on, which is the opinions and editorials page of the Wall Street Journal, and is titled “August 22 – Does Iran Have Something More in Store?” by Bernard Lewis.

The Slate piece focuses on how, by using our air-conditioners in an attempt to keep cool, we are actually contributing to global warming.  The WSJ piece focuses on August 22nd being an Islamic holy day and a good opportunity for Iran to do something idiotic, like launch nuclear weapons against Israel or the U.S.  Both articles engage in a bit of doom and gloom and both sound altogether too reasonable. 

(And both articles completely ignore the fact that an asteroid passed within spitting distance of the planet a few weeks ago, with another possible impact in 2029 and not a damn thing we can do about it.)

Now, I am not much of a doomsday-ist.  I have a lot of faith in human ingenuity and technology to see us through any amount of disasters, both natural and man-made.  However, I am well enough versed in history to know that more people have a chance of surviving the aftermath of a natural disaster than a human made one.  After all, no is seeking to take revenge on the Indian Ocean for wiping out entire villages with one Tsunami.

All of which has led me, full circle, back to that old adage “ignorance is bliss”.  I do not feel like stressing out, while sitting in my apartment on my day off, wondering if some idiot is going to start a nuclear war.  So I am going on a news diet for a while.  At least until after Aug. 22.  If things start blowing up, well, there will be no way to avoid the news, and if they do not, then maybe I will have saved myself just a little bit of stress.

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One response to “The End of the World, Again

  1. Good for you man. Avoiding the news is something I’ve been considering recently. What you don’t know can’t hurt you.

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