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Questions I Have About Turnign 31

  • Does 31 actually qualify as over-the-hill?
  • Do I get to wander around and bitch about how much my back hurts?
  • Can I call in sick because of a bad case of the gout?
  • Has the phrase “I’m just too tired” suddenly become an acceptable excuse to back out of commitments?
  • Am I able to utter phrases like “young whippersnappers” and “damn kids” without even a fraction of sarcasm?
  • If I now use the phrase “you know, when I was a kid” is it no longer ironic?
  • Are people now going to refer to me as Old School or O.G.?
  • Is my personal sense of style going to remain in 2006 for the rest of my life?
  • Do I need a cane?
  • Can I qualify for early bird specials at Denny’s?
  • Am I now required to drive 10 Km under the speed limit?
  • Should I buy a polyester track suit?

What do you mean “no”? To all of them? Seriously, not even the Denny’s thing? Crap. Then what’s the point?

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QotD: My life is taggable!

What are the 5 words that best describe your life right now?

In no particular order:






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