Random Thought About Google Video

Google Video is hosting the new Paris Hilton video for her single, “Stars Are Blind”

What I find interesting is how Google Video and YouTube are replacing MTV.  Everyone complains that MTV no longer hosts videos, and yet, the reason they do not is because their audience wants to see programing.  For MTV it is a question of following the money trail – viewers want programs, sponsors want programs, suddenly, the cost of programming is not very high at all.

For Google and YouTube, however, because most of the content is user generated, and the advertisements are present at all times, to the sides of the video screens on Google, and at the top on YouTube, there really is no downside to their hosting videos.  The models are a little different; Google is playing with providing some videos as downloadable for a fee, (comprable to iTunes) while YouTube offers everything for free, but without downloads.

One of the few things the record companies have done right, recently, is make certain new videos available onlline, via Google and YouTube, for free, to generate interest in the album they are promoting…which sounds a lot like what MTV was orginally designed for.  Back in the day, MTV did not make any money off of the videos.  The videos were sent to MTV for free by record companies who wanted exposure for their artists.  Advertisers would pay for the time between the videos and the number of teens who were sitting at home watching the videos.  It seemed to be a win-win situation for all three sets of companies.

That all changed sometime in the mid eighties (I do not know exactly when; MTV does not seem to be willing to let me look at their corporate financial policies for some reason.) when programing blocks began replacing the free flow of videos.  MTV became a hit maker in and of itself, rather than just a promotional vehicle.

So.  I wonder what will happen with Google Video and YouTube.  Will their differeing business models both work?  I have no idea.

What I do know is, as long as both sites keep hosting music videos, I will keep surfing over to them, often against my will, insubstantial as it is.

Oh, and the Paris Hilton video?  I think I like it.  It is a cheesey pop song that rips off Blondie’s “The Tide is High” incredibly blatently, but it is catchy and easy to sing along to.  God help us all.

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