QotD: Can you hear me now?

What's your cell phone's ringtone? What made you pick it?

I was twenty when I got my first cellphone capable of playing a ringtone.  I immediately went searching through the menu of pre-loaded songs, jumping past the usuals like the James Bond theme and the Superman fanfare, straight to the mid eighties pop standards.

I began scrolling through the list and found, much to my surprise and delight, Journey's "Seperate Ways".  It has been my ringtone for the past six years.

I don't really know why.

It might be the nostalgia factor, although I was only a child when the song was originally released.  I have no special memories of the song, other than skating around the one roller ring in my hometown that survived the trasition from the seventies to the eighties.  None of my friends are even really fans of the band; I do not own a single recording.

It might be that it has a certain geek-chic when the ringtone comes on at a party or in the bar and people look around at you with a bit of a smile on their faces.  Sometimes they even nod at you like "yeah, I remember that!"

But mainly, I just like the sound of those opening bars when the phone goes off.

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