Random Thought About Peat Bogs

The ancient, or at least historical bodies the scientists pull out of peat bogs – they’re all criminals aren’t they?  I mean, good, honest, well-liked people got buried or entombed or cremated, right?  So, the guys they pull out of the peat bogs with all the stab marks and ropes still around their necks, they were bad guys, right?

I should mention that this thought was prompted by an excellent piece from Slate, regarding the nature of peat bogs and how they keep things fresh for centuries, sometimes millenia.

Just something to think about.

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3 responses to “Random Thought About Peat Bogs

  1. Chris

    I used to go to school with a lad called Pete Boggs. He was generally a nice lad. Not sure he had any bad guys inside.

  2. There was a baseball player named Wade Boggs. If he went to jail, maybe he had some bad guys in him while inside. By the way, those celts found in the bogs were also thought to be ritual sacrificees, not necessarily criminals.

  3. These comments belong in the bog.

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