QotD: Sugar, Sugar

What was your favorite candy when you were a kid? How does that compare to now?

Red Licorice Ropes.

When I was a child, the county fair would often be the highlight of my year.  My parents would take my sister and myself down to the fairgrounds and let us run around with our friends, riding the rides, playing carnival games, and eating all the treats we could find.

Of these treats, the one I always looked forward to the most was the red licorice.  The licorice came in ropes of about, well, I'm not sure.  My memory says they must have been three feet long, but it has been well over twenty years and we know how the childhood imagination exaggerates such things.  The seller had red and black, (nasty, vile, evil black) but we only ever had taste buds for the red.

We would walk through the buildings and alleyways of the fairground, clutching our candy and eating it as slowly as possible.  We would loop it over and over around our grubby hands, trying to make sure the licorice did not hit the ground or otherwise become dirty.

(If it did hit the ground, we were almost surgical in our precision in removing the fouled portions.  Of course, in the cleaner areas, the three second rule was in full effect.)

Even now, red licorice has a certain nostalgic value for me; when my family goes to the movie theater or Disneyland, I always buy some, smiling all the while.

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