QotD: Midway Through

What's one thing that you hope to do or accomplish before the end of this year?

Primarily, pass my Japanese test.  This year, in December, I'll be sitting the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Third Grade, for the second time.

I first took the test two years ago, and failed, having substituted attitude and bravado for actual study.  This year, however, I have been studying on a regular basis and have passed two practice exams.  However, I am trying to avoid any false securities and to keep up the study, even though I feel as though I already know this material.

It may not be much of a world-changer, as far as goals go, but it will be a solid reinforcement for myself, reminding me that I am not just wasting my time on the planet but am actively trying to become better than I am by constantly attempting, and sometimes achieving, new things.

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