Couldn't Make It Up If I Tried

There’s this TV show that M and I love. It’s called “Trivia” and features little stories about true, well, trivia. There are several commentators on the show, each with their own little buzzer that generates a “hey” sound, the phrase “he” in Japanese a kind of “seriously, really, wow” only without being a word. The more interesting a story, the more “he”s it gets.

So, tonight, they ran a story showing how the top men at KFC Japan go to one of the temples once a year to have a funeral / memorial ceremony for all the chickens that are killed by KFC Inc.


The cameras followed the company leaders to the temple where they all stood and followed the formulaic prayers and chants, lit incense, did the appropriate bowing and even placed a bucket (like you get chicken in) on the alter stand, as a gift.

M and I just sat there watching this, mouths agape until finally, I said, “You know, Japanese people…”

M finished for me “…are really weird.”

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3 responses to “Couldn't Make It Up If I Tried

  1. chris

    oh my gosh! that’s a little bit hysterical. lol….

  2. Got you a test application if you need one buddy.

  3. Why do you keep writing ‘&apos’ instead of using an apostrophe?

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