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My invitation to join eBible.com was in my gmail when I got home from soccer tonight, so I went over to check it out.

My first impression, after about five minutes of playing is that this is a great service for scholars and devotees alike. I ran my first search on "Moses" and spent a little time looking through the various versus of Exodus and Leviticus that the search returned. What I thought was the best feature was that once I had clicked on a verse to read, there was a dropdown menu that allowed me to choose which version I wanted to read, e.g. the King James or the Standard English. (Nothing controversial, all the texts were standard ones found in any Christian bookstore.)

Having figured out how the site works, I set out to see if I could answer one of the questions about Jesus my wife had had, back when one of her co-workers was born again and went through that super annoying attempting to convert everybody stage. Namely, why did Jesus die for everybody, even Asians, who don't believe he's the son of god? We talked about it and I was able to explain, based on my memories of Bible School and general knowledge of the Bible, but I was unable to remember which verse. So, I searched for the phrase "die for everyone" which returned no results. I next tried "Jesus" which returned most of the new testament. Finally, I tried "Jesus" and "cross" which led me to several more books of the new testament, including Matthew, where I was able to find a little, but nothing definitive to answer my wife's question.

That search prompted me to try finding a specific verse that I vaguely remember having liked: I seemed to remember a verse in one of the Books of John that ran along the lines of "everything is permissible, not everything is advisable" so I tried searching for that, using that very phrase. The second result returned was 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12 and, while not exactly what I was looking for, was close enough that it may have been the original quotation. In addition, a sidebar came up explaining that the phrase "all things are lawful for me" was a slogan used by the Corinthians to justify their bad behaviour. Very interesting.

All in all, an incredibly good resource and one that I anticipate playing with quite a bit, both to satisfy my own curiosity and to help my teaching (Most of us do not realize how many expressions or idioms we use on a daily basis either come from or reference directly, the Bible.)

As a final note, I have three invitations in my account, so, if you'd like one, please e-mail me.

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