Looking Inside Again

Lately, too many things have been feeling like an obligation.  It's been affecting everything, I am involved with, leaving me wanting to do nothing. 

Heading into the pool today, it just felt like one more thing I had to do, not something I wanted to do or even needed to do.  It was just something that must be done.  So, feeling this way, and preparing to be pissed off about it, I got into the water and just started playing.  Like I did when I was a child.  Just mucking about, doing handstands, seeing how far I could go without coming up for air, swimming along the bottom of the pool, swimming in circles, etc. etc.

It was good.  It was fun.  It made swimming fun again, not like an obligation at all and I needed that.  After half an hour or so, I felt ready and willing to do some actual swimming in the short time remaining before I had to go back to work and I did.

I don't know how much physical value there was in today's swim, but, therapeutically, it was worth more than gold.


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