As Long As I Can See the Light

As Long As I Can See the Light

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Put a Candle in the Window

So, with regard to Saturday's post, I set out to find a story I could illustrate. In this case, I'm using the Credence Clearwater Revival song "Long as I Can See the Light".

Back in the day, when I was working as a DJ at a local radio station, one of my friends and I got to preview a lot of the new music that came to the station. The music represented many genres and was incredibly eclectic but we liked it all the more for that.

One disc that came in was by a singer named Ted Hawkins, and his CD was called "The Next Hundred Years". We listened and found Hawkins to be a great blues singer and guitarist, but the song that really struck home with me was a sparse, haunting version of the CCR song. It was just Hawkins singing in his broken, whiskey and cigarettes voice, like a more melodic Tom Waits, and accompanying himself on the steel guitar, but, still, it was so very moving.

That's the song that was in my head for this picture; that is the story I was trying to illustrate.

"Put a candle in the window,
Because I feel I've got to move,
And, Lord, I'm going,
But I'll be coming home real soon,
As long as I can see the light."


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