31 Flavors and 49 Days

We went to 31 last night.  (Those of you in the States may know it slightly better as Baskin-Robbins.)  They were having a "Challenge the Triple" special, where a triple cone was the cost of a double.  So, we went, and naturally enough, made ourselves sick.

Today, we woke up and got our black clothes on and made the trip to the temple to pray to and for Otou-san  It was an easy ceremony, without a lot of the tears and pain that accompanied the funeral, but it was still a reminder of the loss and a sober thought to contrast the night before.

Guilt is funny in how it sneaks up on you and for all the reasons you would never expect, yet, it can be assuaged with a simple thought at the right time and the right place.


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Filed under Left From Seattle, True Thoughts on True Life

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