Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Originally uploaded by SunToad.

Back in the day, I used to have these great fantasies about starting my own web-comic and using it to achieve fame and fortune. (I realize what that says about my geek. Sigh.) To that end, I even took a one day seminar on cartooning at the experimental university.

This was the character I created. He never really had a name other than "Monster". I guess I was hoping for one of those really cathartic moments like in Breakfast at Tiffany's where I'd suddenly realize that the reason I never gave him a name was that I was scared to be accepted for who I am, not as I wanted to be.


I used to draw him in all kinds of situations. Usually doing whatever I wished I were doing instead of working.



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5 responses to “Mirror Mirror

  1. Toad! This is your thing! These ARE how you will achieve fame and fortune! No joke! Greeting cards. Calenders. T-shirts. A full on comic. DO IT! YOU ARE GOOD AT THIS! THIS IS YOUR STYLE! YOU’VE FOUND IT! NOW PROSTITUTE IT TO THE WORLD! Very exciting!

  2. Ok, I’ve had this idea for a kids book for a long time, and I think it could be a big seller. I want you to do the illustrations. Call me. Let’s publish a kids book together. Seriously. Here we go!

  3. potvin29

    That’s what I think too, I think you could make a cool comic. With your storytelling and drawings.. you might have something. I’d read it!!!

  4. chris

    seriously… me like. ;0) the cartoons are fab! and it is sooo you….

  5. Thanks for all the feedback kids. I’m enjoying drawing them, so, expect to see more, sooner or later.

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