Social Drinking

In recent years, I've been drinking a lot less than I used to, for a variety of reasons.  Health, finances, general acting-like-a-grown-up, stuff like that.  There have been some side effects, naturally – I have more money, get fewer headaches, and am generally a lot more pleasant to be around.

One of the unexpected side effects is that I have been paying a lot more attention to what I drink.  The biggest evidence of this is that I am no longer willing to buy most macro brand beers.  Instead, I have been buying (one or two bottles at a time; one or twice a month) higher quality micro brews or smaller, European brews.  I've gotten some good advice from some of the blogs I read, and some very good advice from Charlie's podcast, Speaking of Beer.  I've discovered that I like darker, heavier beers more than the lighter stuff I used to drink, but I've also managed to buy a few that I just ended up pouring down the drain after half a glass or so.

So, I checked up on Coastr this week, after ignoring it for the past few months due to lack of content.  There are quite a few more users now, posting lots more reviews and recommendations on all types of beers; it's become a very useful service for finding, and offering feedback on, the beers you like.

Now, we all know how much I love all these new, social, web 2.0 applications, especially when they are centered around activities I like…like drinking beer.  Well, there's another new, social, web 2.0 app out now that centers around something I know nothing about: drinking wine.

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a wine drinker and never really have been.  It's ok; I don't mind the stuff, but I can't tell a good one from a bad one.  Enter Wine Log.  Which is just that, a log for tracking wines.  Rather than give you a list of good or bad wines, the site allows you to make notes for the wines you try, letting you create a list of what you like and don't like and helping you make future choices based on your previous entries.  That's the kind of software I like to see come to the fore these days – useful, user driven, and social by choice, not design.

So, while I'm still not drinking much, I'm hoping I can drink a little better.  After all, all the doctor's are saying that a drink a day can cure what ails you.  I hope so. 


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