Dangerous New Toy

Have you seen this? Stalkerati.com is a new site that will run simultaneous searches on most of the prevalent social networks (MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, etc) as well as Google Blog Search and Google Image Search.

The only drawback is that most of the people I know either wouldn’t use these services, or are much too paranoid to use their real names.

Still, I found a few people, very, very easily. Scary.

And that’s it. I know the posts on here have sucked for the past month or so, and I apologize. I need to get something more…real, I guess…put up here but I’m still running low on energy and have about a billion projects that need more urgent attention than this blog does. Not too mention my work schedule is about to kick into overdrive. And my foot is still messed up (I managed to get a blister on about 1/3 of the ball, and it tore open, leaving a large, open gash on the bottom of my foot. Didn’t you just need to know that?) so I’m hobbling around my apartment feeling sorry for myself.

Tomorrow, however, I have the day off, so, with any luck, I can get some stuff done and maybe get back to some real posting. On the other hand, Amazon just came by with some new paperbacks, so, maybe, tomorrow, I’ll do nothing and let myself feel good about it.

Go stalk someone.


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