Worshipping the Evil Sun

It’s official. The Sun doesn’t love me anymore.

Oh, it was never that great a relationship to begin with, but at least there was never any animosity. These days though…

It’s like this – I grew up in the desert, near the border of Mexico, and was always able to maintain at least a slight tan. All the way through high school, I was able to start the schoolyear with a somewhat darker complexion than normal due to a summer of swimming and volleyball.

Unfortunately, that all seems to have changed. I first noticed it when I left Arizona after graduating university. I was still able to tan, just not as easily. However, by the time I got to Japan, I went straight from white to red to white again with narry a shade of brown between stages.

And now, well, now I’m getting sunburns just from going to the pool. The indoor pool. Granted, the ceiling is full of skylights, but I have been swimming in the shade. It galls me to think that I’ll now have to begin wearing sunblock to go swimming inside a building.

I had always thought of myself as a sun-baby, but, now, well, I just don’t know.


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One response to “Worshipping the Evil Sun

  1. potvin29

    I’m allergic to the sun, that’s even worse. I get sunburnt and a rash.. I suck.

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