Call it a Draw

The battle today was myself versus Tokyo.  Call it a draw.

I had the day off so I headed down to the American Embassy to get a notarized copy of my wife's passport so that I can get her a Tax Identification Number so that I can file my taxes.  This is not a terribly big deal, it's just that the embassy is located in Akasaka, about three hours by train from where I live.  And the Notary Public is only open from 8 am to noon.  Monday through Friday.

So, I caught the six-thirty train down to Tokyo and realized I had forgotten to bring the map.  I spent the next hour walking in circles trying to find the embassy and, alternately, trying to remember the Japanese word for embassy.  (Why is it that almost all Japanese people know a perfectly useless word like "baseball" even when there is a perfectly good alternative in Japanese, but a needed word like "embassy" is one that even those who have studied English for years don't know?)

I finally found the place and got in and out in about twenty minutes.  I have to say, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo is a very friendly, easy-to-work-with kind of place.  It's just not the easiest thing in the world to find.

I had taken my camera with me this morning, thinking that I would go out and find some photos after I got done at the U.S.E.  But, by the time I was finished and ended up crossing Tokyo to eat lunch and whatnot, I was just too tired, so I jumped on the train and ended up coming home much earlier than I had planned.

Good:  Finished reading "Storm Front" by Jim Butcher, the first book in the Dresden files and an excellent read; got the needed notarization; had real bagels and cream cheese for breakfast; had my favorite pizza from Ueno Park for lunch; got in a very respectable amount of exercise.

Bad:  Blistered and sunburnt; tired and achy; crowded and hot.

Definately a draw. 


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