Second Life, and Golf

Yesterday, I had a bit of free time on my hands, so I walked over to a driving range near my apartment and put in the first practice of the season.  I tore up my hands and twisted up my back pretty badly, but the driving range itself is really cool.  

You buy a card from a vending machine, and then put the card in the…I dunno what to call it…electronic ball fetcher, I guess?  Anyway, you put the card in and the machine lets you know how many balls you are able to hit with the amount of money you have spent.  A ball is placed on the tee via an underground mechanism.  You hit the ball, and another one is placed for you.  And so on.  It's cool.

Anyway, like I said, I tweaked my back pretty badly.  Nothing serious, it just hurts to stretch it out by, say, raising my arm above my head.  So I took this evening, after M went to bed, to try out Second Life.

I only played for about an hour but I can see the appeal.  Second Life is a virtual world where you can change your appearance, own land, set up a shop, talk to people, etc. etc.  There are lots of things to do in the environment – events to attend, games to play, people to talk to, and it takes a minimum of learning to do these things.

However, running the client damn near crashed my little iBook.  Which is probably a good thing as I could see spending far too much time there.

Maybe when I get a desktop… 


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