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Something else I dug up while going through the box…

One of my favorite classes during university was one called "Experimental Photography 101". It started as a blow-off class, one that my lab partners and I took to get an easy credit and help our GPAs, and it ended up being one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken.

Our teacher, Sam, didn't use a textbook, instead, he focused on a new project every week or two, some new way to use our negatives, positives, and prints rather than just putting them in frames up on the wall.

One of the projects I most enjoyed was called a Polaroid transfer. In this process a slide is placed into a machine, with an unexposed polaroid film. Light is show through the slide onto the film, which then begins to develop, like any polaroid.

However, in this process, the polaroid print is taken apart and the emulsion, with the image processing chemicals is quickly pressed flat onto a new surface – watercolor paper or (in this case) foam board or something.

I liked the destroyed look of the finished product. I like how this rather boring slide of a close-up of a rose becomes completely interesting after having been through this process.

What else is in the box?


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